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About Us

Popping since 2003!
If your great grandmother could not have put it in her popcorn, ice cream or deserts you won't find it in ours!

We put love and joy into bite.

CrunchTime popcorn began with a life long love of Caramel and Cheese Popcorn. Our founder and visionary grew up in Chicago the genesis of all gourmet popcorn. With our love of cooking and corn we developed our own famous Caramel Bliss. CrunchTime Caramel Bliss is the best Caramel Corn west of the Mississippi.

Hours of Operation
611 K Street in San Diego

Noon - 10:00 Sunday - Thursday
Noon - 11:00 Friday - Saturday

CrunchTime opened Christmas in 2003.

We wholesale CrunchTime Popcorn to The Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton and Omni Hotels. Many corporations and sales professionals give CrunchTime popcorn as welcome gifts or thank you presents to their customers, clients, and prospects.

CrunchTimeis located directly across the street from Petco Park in downtown San Diego. We now serve freshly made ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. We make our cones, brownies and cookie dough from scratch. We use local dairies to insure the freshest ice cream and yogurt. We ship our gourmet popcorn and freshly made ice cream cones all over the nation.

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Come meet our friendly diverse and international staff!

Pim and Bew with David, Good Morning San Diego Anchor

Pim and Bew had arrived from Thailand and the next day they found themselves on Good Morning San Diego celebrating Popcorn Lovers day. They were even asked to say Good Morning San Diego for the show teaser.

Thai girls at CrunchTime

David II back when everyone called him Crispy

Yep David II has been here from the beginning. He was about 11 years old in this shot standing in front of our old shop over on Broadway. He doesn't look that different does he . . . minus the braces. Here he is wearing the jersey that said Crispy on the back. His Dad used to wear Crunchy. He would tell everyone that He was just Crispy now but one day he would grow up and be Crunchy.

little david

David II: Now Crunchy

This is David now wearing the Crunchy Jersey. David II has the most raving reviews on yelp of any of our staff. Don't tell him . . . We don't want it to go to his head. David has been a staple at CrunchTime for many years and he loves honing his customer service skills. Chances are if you are in on the week end you will see his smiling face behind the counter.

David II

Kim with Michelle from Ireland

Remember Caroline, Brian and Michelle from last summer. We recently got an email from Caroline and Michelle. They are doing well and working hard at college. They wished the CrunchTime family all the best. Thanks ladies we miss y'all.

Irish Michelle and Kim

Jessica and Her Birthday Cake

This was Jessica and her special ice cream cake we made for her. She is a Biology major now studying at Humbolt State. Her cake has an octopus and star fish on it in honor of her interest in Marine Biology. She was voted one of our best CrunchTime employees ever.

Jessica and her cake

Joanna and Donna Frye, San Diego City Council Person

Joanna was the first international student that worked at CrunchTime Popcorn. She came from Poland around 2005. She worked for us 2 seasons and she met her husband Ashu who is from India that year. She is now Married living in San Diego with her husband and daughter. Completing her masters she is now working as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst. We get the smart ones. Congratulations Joanna, we are so proud for you! Oh and she is pictured next to Donna Frye, San Diego Council Person who also ran for Mayor of San Diego. She is quite a local celebrity and frequenter of CrunchTime Popcorn.

David II

Our 2008 Russian Crew and the San Diego Padres Friar

From left are Nadia, Kim, Sveta and Sashia. Summer of 2008 was remembered for the beautiful russian girls that worked at CrunchTime. Here they are helping Kim with a Catering event for Hines Property Management in one of their sky rises downtown. We served around 2000 people that day with no help from the Friar who kept trying to eat all the popcorn:)

David II