Carmel and Cheese Popcorn

Corporate Giving

Crunchtime popcorn is the perfect Corporate Gift. We will help you design your custom bag or tin with your logo for your special event. Splendid gave CrunchTime Popcorn away to their customers for their Grand Opening at the Westfield Mall UTC in La Jolla, California. They chose to rent our beautiful apothecary jars and fill them with navy blue and white popcorn in keeping with their stripe theme. The mini play bags were adorned with the Splendid Logo. They enticed new shoppers with a gift of CrunchTime Popcorn. Then when the store became packed they rewarded their customers at check out with a CrunchTime Mini Play of Caramel Bliss, Better than Kettle Corn or Movie Style Butter. Their customers left happy with their purchase of lovely attire and a delightful CrunchTime Snack.

Custom Labels and Corporate Gifts

Sales Gift

When meeting with a client heed mom's advice, "never show up empty handed." Bring a gift. Not just any gift. A gift they will enjoy immediately and bring you to mind perpetually. Attach your business card or promotional materials to a bag of CrunchTime Popcorn. Incorporate "It's CrunchTime" into your sales and marketing materials to show off your company's inventiveness and attention to detail. Kim's Homemade Cookies and Brownies are also available in customizable containers. We provide a quantity discount for corporate sales departments. Customize your popcorn bag or tin with your logo, slogan and contact information. Request a Quote >

Popcorn tin with custom logo

Sales Gift

Give your clients a CrunchTime Popcorn Tin with your Logo on it. They will keep it all year long. Set up regular visits to bring refills to your clients. They will look forward to your visits and will be excited to give you referrals.Request a Quote >

Popcorn tin with custom logo

Thank You Gift

Remember the ABCs of sales and marketing? "Always be closing." Now you have a new client or a new sale to an old client. Thank them with an elegant thank you tin filled with delicious caramel bliss, white chocolate and or cheddar cheese sensation. They will be excited to use your company next time. Request a Quote >

Thank you gift tin filled with gourmet quality popcorn.

Birthday Gift

Set your company apart from the pack. Celebrate your client's birthdays! We do all the work and you get all the credit. We ship a birthday tin of popcorn with a card set to arrive two days prior to your clients birthday. Now you have a client and a friend for life. Set all your clients up on an automatic Birthday Packet. It includes CrunchTime Popcorn and your choice of Kim's Homemade Brownie or Cookie in a Birthday Tin and a handwritten Birthday card. They will be so excited that they will call to thank you with referrals. Request a Quote >

Happy Birthday Gift tin filled with Popcorn  

Corporate Parties and Catering

CrunchTime provides Popcorn, Ice Cream, Cookies, Brownies, Hot Dogs and specialty Drinks for parties, conferences and events. We are experienced and understand the unique needs of trade show catering. We are conveniently located only 2 blocks from the San Diego Convention Center and most of the major convention hotels in San Diego. CrunchTime fits well into your professional environment. You can trust us to have the very best customer service for your clients, collegues, employees and VIP guests. Request a Quote >

CrunchTime Popcorn served at a Corporate Event