Run for the Hungry Thanksgiving 2013

CrunchTime Charity and Community Involvement

Our 10th Year at the Turkey Run
"Annual Thanksgiving Day Run for the Hungry
CrunchTime Popcorn was founded for the purpose of providing resources, jobs and care to the community. This is just one of the many events that we sponsor. Every year CrunchTime feeds the thousands that come out on Thanksgiving Day and run in a 5K/10K race benifiting the San Diego Food Bank. The run is Spearheaded by Purefitness Gyms. CrunchTime has been donating CrunchTime Popcorn for 10 years in a row.

This is what they are really running for!

David is piling up the thousands of bags of CrunchTime Popcorn that the runners will goble up after they have raced past the finish line.

CrunchTime T-Shirt

On your Mark . . . Get Set

Thousands of runners donate and participate every year in the Run for the Hungry Turkey Run.

CrunchTime Tot Bag

Dressed for the Occasion

Some came decked out in Thanksgiving Day attire. No one could resist this little pilgrim.


Kim ready with the Popcorn and Ice Cream

This year we not only served up our CrunchTime Popcorn but we brought out our Cookie/Ice Cream Sandwiches and Brownies too! We couldn't get the runners to go home to their turkey until every drop of everything was gone.

Kim at the Turkey Run

David is bagging up popcorn.

Yep all this popcorn and much much more was given out to the hungry runners.

CrunchTime Popcorn

Kim and Surge line backer

The surge took the Women's football Superbowl!

Kim at the Turkey Run