1 Gallon Tin of Caramel & Cheese Popcorn

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Heart Strings Tin of CrunchTime Popcorn with FREE SHIPPING
This adorable Heart Strings tin is beautifully decorated. Fill it with any of our delicious flavors of CrunchTime Popcorn. You will love this gorgeous tin.

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  • Crunchtime Popcorn

    Crunchtime popcorn is 100% air popped. Absolutely no oil is used in the popping of any Crunchtime Popcorn. We have modified our popping machines to insure that only full and large popcorn kernals make it into your bag of corn. We coat the corn with the best and freshest ingredients. See all our flavors...

    Air Popped Carmel and Cheese Popcorn

    Kim's Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet

    We make your Frostie Creation come to life! Kim crafts her ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet fresh right here in the shop. We use fresh fruit when in season and real peanut butter and imported chocolate from Switzerland. Choose from a plethora of fruit, nuts, candy, sprinkles and more to mix into your favorite ice cream flavor. We make custom waffle cones from scratch in any size; cones are availabe in bulk or wholesale prices for hotels, restaurants or caterers. More...

    Kim and our Cold Ice Cream mixing Slab

    Hot Dogs: Chicago Style and more!

    Chicago Style Hot Dogs are Vienna Hot Dogs on a sesame seed bun with special neon green pickle relish, mustard, onions, dill pickle spear, two tomato wedges, two sport peppers and celary salt. This is the authentic Chicago Hot Dog.

    Enjoy Hebrew National Hot Dogs Texas Style with Chile and Cheese, New York Style featuring sauerkraut and mustard or San Diego Style topped with onions and relish.

    Stop in before the next Padres Game for your Hot Dogs. Take it to go or enjoy our new out door seating. More info...

    Chicago Style Hot Dog in San Diego