How to pay for your shipping

*IMPORTANT* Your order does not include shipping.

As soon as you place your order we will email you a shipping invoice within 24 business hours. Please watch for your shipping invoice. We will ship your CrunchTime Yummies within 24 business hours of payment of the shipping invoice. Please watch for your shipping invoice in your email. If you do not get it with in 24 business hours please check your junk mail or email us at or call Kim at 619-338-0048. She will personally take care of completing your order.

Why take an extra step to pay for shipping?
Most online websites increase the price of the product and include shipping. We believe that shipping should be fair. This will save you money because we will calculate your exact shipping weight based on your personal order and ship-to address. We charge you the priority mail postage rate. This way you pay us for the product we make and the US Postal Service for shipping and that is all. You will recieve your yummies within 2-3 business days. We have had great success shipping this way for 2 years now. Our customers appreciate our committment to deliver the freshest possible product for the best possible price. Since we make all our yummies by hand right here in our little shop we want to make sure the yummies are the yummiest all the way through the process to your taste buds.

Thank you again for choosing CrunchTime Popcorn and Kim's Homemade Goodies. We can't wait to make your order just right for you!

Thank you and have a Popping Day!