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February Flavor: Chocolate Covered Popcorn

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Every month we feature one of our delicious flavors of popcorn and beautifully decorated popcorn tins. If you like popcorn you will love trying a new flavor of CrunchTime Popcorn each month. Believe it or not we have flavors that we make in our shop that only the local San Diegans and a few lucky visitors get to enjoy because they are not regular flavors offered on our website. Our popcorn chef gets creative and you never know what wonderful, delectible treat he will come up with next. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the best and newest and the tried and true of CrunchTime Popcorn. Subscribing to the Crunch Club gets you a different flavor shipped to you each month. For this you get a special price and you may discontinue at any time. Since you are a regular we are offering our premium popcorn flavors at discounted rate to Crunch Club Members only.Because the weight of popcorn varies widely your shipping will be billed monthly based on the weight of each particular shipment. We believe in charging fairly on shipping.

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